Our Lenders

We deal with multiple lenders, varying from
"A" Lenders to "B" Lenders.

  • CMHC - Mortgage Brokers Ottawa
  • Euaitable Trust - Canadian Mortgage Brokers
  • MERIX - Canada Mortgage Rates
  • Genworth - Best Rate Mortgage
  • Home Trust - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • First National - Ottawa Mortgage Broker
  • Nationa Bank - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • AFG - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • Alterna - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • BRIDGEwater - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • CANADIANA - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • ING - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • MCAP - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • Optimum Mortgage - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers
  • Scotia Bank - Ottawa Mortgage Brokers

Your credit score and other factors such as the amount of your down...

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Our Rates

To facilitate the applications process, it is essential that we assess your financial health. Once we have gathered all the necessary information to support your goals, we can then determine the best possible outcome that will meet your needs.

You will notice that various other mortgage organizations offer what they refer to as "top rates" or preferred rates, even though rates vary and are determined by credit approval.

We do realize that understanding Canada mortgage rates is not a cakewalk; however, we try our best and leave no stone unturned to make the process easier for you. Unlike the other mortgage brokers, we do not provide you with the so-called 'top-rates'; rather, we make you understand that mortgage rates vary and are rely majorly on your credit approval.

In order to provide you with the best mortgage rate, we obtain the requisite information from you and analyze it thoroughly to deliver what we claim. You might have some qualms in divulging the information but we want you to understand that it is important for us to assess your financial stability; unless we have the requisite information at our disposal, coming up with the best Canadian interest rates will be a challenge for us.

Unlike most mortgage firms, we do not beat around the bush; rather, we keep a tab on the current mortgage interest rates and determine what's best for you. Moreover, we keep you in the loop and work closely with you to meet your requirements. We provide you with a mortgage payment calculator that can help you in making a favorable choice. The calculator is fairly simple to understand and can be used anytime to calculate mortgage payments.

Our widespread network encompasses 'A' lenders as well as 'B' lenders, ensuring that you never fall short of viable options. However, before you start exploring these options, following are a couple of critical factors you need to understand:

  • - Your credit score does matter; it would help us and you in determining the most feasible option.
  • - The amount of your down payment would play a significant role in decision making.

Our Best Rates O.A.C.**
  Term Bank Rate Our Rate
  6 Month 5.50% 3.95%
  1 Year Closed 3.50% 2.89%
  2 Year Closed 3.55% 2.49%*
  3 Year Closed 3.95% 2.49%
  4 Year Closed 4.64% 2.77%*
  5 Year Closed 5.24% 2.84%*
  7 Year Closed 6.35% 3.70%
  10 Year Closed 6.75% 3.60%
  5 YR 50/50 WISE N/A 3.59%/2.90%
  Home Equity LOC 12.99% 3.50%
  Variable Closed 3.10% 2.35%*