5 Things That Will Prevent Your Home Sale

In life, it is an unfortunate truth that we can at times be our own worst enemies. Tendencies and strongholds can be deterrents, detrimental to the natural birth and organic progression of our dreams over time. When readying to sell a home, this same absurdity can be a real burden. The clutter that litters hallways and attics like insidious resentments tear at heartstrings can be the catalyst to your potential buyer’s premature exit from your showing. To help you avoid making the same mistake as many before, we have assembled a list of five of things sure to prevent the sale of your home.

Price. This is, of course, the simplest, most logical, reason to explain why a home doesn’t move quickly when expected to do so. In short, if you have been trying to sell for a number of months, or perhaps even years, you may want to seriously consider whether or not you have priced it too high. Though it may have a specific value in your mind’s eye that may unfortunately not reflect the market.

Oblivion. If no one in the neighbourhood, town, city or suburb you live in knows you are selling your home, you will not sell it. If you advertise it, they will come. Erect a sign with a number or email and consider local papers and websites to attract people to visit.

Problems. Sadly, some major structural issues or otherwise can be unsightly and serve to repel people from the property. A roof drooping over a bungalow like a frown is not the type of thing that is going to attract people to your home, let alone someone wanting to buy it.

Showing. When showing your home be sure that there is nothing that can chase a buyer away in the way. Allow natural light to flow into the home during showings and be sure to fix up small items that may cause a potential buyer to turn the other way.

Appeal. Of course, we often deal in this section with curb appeal. Again, this is an element that can in the context of a home sale be a real deterrent if not done properly. While curb appeal can sell a home, it also has the unsavoury ability to break a deal. When readying to show your home off, make sure that their exterior is shining and pleasing to the eye from the street.

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