Military Mortgages in Ottawa

At Mortgage Forces, we offer a variety of flexible mortgages designed to support veterans, active duty service members, and reserve members. We understand the unique financial needs of those who currently are serving or have previously served our country, and we are here to guide eligible military members through the process.

Relocation Mortgages

No matter the type of loan you need, we have a flexible solution for you. As an active member of the military, you and your family may be called to move in a moments notice. Our relocation mortgages are designed for these situations. They feature a simplified pre-approval process and personalized management. No matter where your service takes you, you can rely on Mortgage Forces because we have experience serving service members throughout the country.

Mortgage Provider Matching

With mortgage provider matching, we put our team of experts to work for you. We search various banks and the top lending institutions to find the mortgage that best fits your financial situation and needs. Our agents can help match you with the most beneficial mortgage.

Pre Approved Mortage

Whether you are shopping for your first home or looking to upgrade or downsize, we provide pre-approval at the very beginning of the loan process. Pre-approval can help speed up the application process, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free, smooth closing.

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Latest Rates

Term Our Rate
6 Months 4.49%*
1 Year Closed 6.69%*,**
2 Year Closed 6.49%*,**
3 Year Closed 5.29%*,**
4 Year Closed 5.89%*,**
5 Year Closed 4.89%*,**
7 Year Closed 5.80%*
10 Year Closed 6.20%*
Home Equity LOC 7.70%*
3 yr Variable Closed 6.00%*,**
5 yr Variable Closed 6.20%*,**

*Please note: Rates may change without notice - Some rates are promotional and other conditions may apply.
**Includes an additional Military/DND discount
-Please contact us for further details

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