Buying a home

Whether you are posted, buying your first home or building we can help. We work with different lenders and we make sure you are matched with the right mortgage provider. We can help you set a pre-approved mortgage, which is extremely helpful during a House Hunting Trip because it will help narrow your budget and will guarantee your interest rate for fixed term loans.

Renewing your mortgage

Like most things, your mortgage has an expiration date. Before your mortgage term ends, let us do the shopping around for you. We will compare rates from our lenders and present you with the best renewal solutions.


We are sensitive to the unique needs of military and DND personnel and understand the stresses of frequent moves. We specialize in relocation mortgages and focus on a seamless process, which means less stress for you.

Consolidating Debt

If you have personal debt or are paying high interest rates on existing debt allow our experts to help you. We can tackle this challenge through debt consolidation with a new or existing mortgage. The interest rates on mortgages are often significantly lower than consumer or credit card interest so it will save you money and working with our experts will save you time.