The Five Cheapest Ways To Increase Home Resale Value

A list of items that can be upgraded or altogether changed to boost the resale value of a home could well be made up of innumerable possibilities. Most of those, however, would involve large financial commitments, or at very least cost a modest sum. By subtracting from that long list all the items that cost much, we are left with the cheapest means of increasing your home resale value. Check out the five we determined were the cheapest!

Clean Deep

It goes without saying that if you are looking to sell your home it may already be in tip-top shape with respect to cleanliness. That said, have you considered bringing in professional help to really get to the bottom of things? Carpets can be steam-cleaned and walls washed, in addition to day-to-day cleaning around the house.

More Colour!

There is hardly a tips section that goes without the inclusion of paint. Only, in this particular list it is significant both because it is relatively inexpensive, and because it has the capability of completely transforming any room, thus any home.

Under Pressure

The purchase of a standard pressure washer can prove a valuable asset when looking to keep the outside of your home in great form. With a pressure washer in hand, it is possible to clean all aspects and facets of the outdoor of your home. This is a definite marker of a cheap and easy means of increasing home resale value down the road.

Doors and Windows

While upgrading old doors and windows may well be the most expensive of the cheapest ways to boost home resale value, it is assuredly a definite means of doing so. Stylish contemporary doors and windows in any part or room of the home can add value to it. Not to mention, from the outside looking in, upgrades to outdoor windows and doors can help bolster you home’s curb appeal.

Hidden Hardwood

Under that old, nappy carpet that you have been meaning to replace for far too long may well lay the most inexpensive means of increasing home value – hardwood floors! It is astounding how many homes with carpet hide genuine hardwood floors, easily one of the most desirable features on the market. If you happen to be one of those lucky homeowners, it can be advantageous in the context of a home sale to restore the original hardwood floors.

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