Myths About Canadian Armed Forces Households

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around the Canadian Armed Forces. Mortgage Forces is here to bust some of those myths.

1) All Canadian military children attend schools on base.

Because 85 percent of military families live off base, the majority of children in those families attend schools that are also located off base.

2) Canadian military families have free housing if they live on base.

CF families that live on base in residential housing units are responsible for paying fair market value for the property. 85 percent of families in the armed forces live off base and must secure a mortgage loan or pay rent just like other residents. CF member packages and benefits do not include family housing or mortgage loan payments to buy a home.

3) CF members and their families know where they will move next.

Often, the destination of a family’s next move is not known until the service member’s posting message is cut. While the service member can express a preference for locations, their deployment is ultimately directed by the need at various posts within the armed forces. Because of the unique challenges and sacrifices of military families, some lenders offer special armed forces mortgage loan options for CF members.

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