Relocation Mortgages in Canada: what you need to know

Relocating to a new area, especially on a short notice is usually not an easy process. The move could be as a result of a promotion, or simply a new job offer, or maybe just a routine employee transfer often practiced by several companies. Individuals need to be sure that they have secured the right house in the right neighborhood before they go ahead to schedule their move.

A relocation mortgage is a type of mortgage that provides financial ease for employees when they are moving to a new area, as a result of any of the factors mentioned above. Subsidies which cover closing costs, below market rates, or interest rate buy-downs are usually being offered by the employer as a means of financial assistance so as to make the moving process easier for the employee.

It often serves to ease the burden of a move by seeking out a mortgage provider that has a lot of experience in offering relocation mortgages. Employees who are buying a home often receive an additional service of getting home loan consultants who carter to their needs so as to facilitate a faster and cheaper loan processing. There are several relocation mortgage companies in Canada that specialize in providing relocation mortgages and carter to such needs.

Mortgage applicants need to know that they are moving into a good home while relocating. For relocation mortgage applicants to be sure of this they could take the following measures:

  1. Experienced real estate agents/brokers should be available in the new area being moved to. They should be consulted for useful advice. People who live in the area should also be talked to as they might be able to provide some useful insights regarding some situations which may arise. All these should be do be done before the move. It is advisable to pre approve for a mortgage before finding a good house especially if the move is across states.
  2. Some mortgage providers would often want to ensure that the applicant has a secured, steady source of income. It often helps when the applicant sticks to the same field of employment. Mortgage providers might become cautious if they happen to gets the notion that the applicant is probably doing some career experimenting. Lenders also do not usually accept proof of employment offer from a new employer as a proof of steady income.

3. It often helps to have some savings because it could serve to increase the chances of easily qualifying for mortgage application.

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