Roll Your Sleeves Up Around The House This Summer!

For all its blessings summer may well be the most convenient season in which to sell your home. The season provides a plethora of possibilities to best showcase your home’s curves, corners and closets. Yes, you read that right! For the coming start of summer, we will endeavour to look at the ways you can sell this season by engaging in a number of menial and mundane tasks around the house and spending little to no money.

Remember When… You first walked into the home. What attracted you to it? Why did you buy? How can you best accentuate those traits to make them enticing to a new buyer? Try and remember when the house was new to you and exciting, and bring that to the table when describing its features to someone at your showing.

Think Small. Outside, pesky weeds have undoubtedly started creeping into cracks and staking out turf on all sides of your home. Take them out! To this end, over-the-counter weed killers can be effective but one of the best means of dealing with repeat weed offenders is to dig them out entirely, by hand or using gardening and lawn tools.

Get Dirty. Your attire when readying the home to sell in summer should look something like Yellow dish gloves, bottom-drawer jeans and an old t-shirt, shoes you can live without. With a mop and bucket or pressure washer, if possible, rigorously scrub as much of the exterior of your home, the garage and shed, the windows and any other curves and corners that can add to the curbside appeal.

Be Creative. In areas where it rarely rains in summer, home sellers move inside furniture outdoors to draw people onto the property. Of course, in most places in Canada, this is not possible. Still, the illustration helps to show what can be accomplished with a little out-of-the-box thinking. Some small items that can be moved from in to out even in the lead up to a showing can help to ameliorate the overall outside look of the home.

The sun of the coming season starting to really shine is proof positive that it may be a great time to sell! If you are, please mind the small details to attain big results. The list of little things you can do to speed up the sale of your home this summer is limitless. But, again, a good starting point is to think small, get dirty, be creative and always remember when… you first fell in love with your home!

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