We Must Vow Never to Forget

This year is no different than any other, at this time Canadians join to celebrate Veterans week. Hundreds of ceremonies and events will take place this week across Canada to remember the soldiers who made it possible for us to live freely, and those who continue to serve today.

There are many ways to show your respect and show you remember our Veterans. Whether it be attending a local Remembrance Day ceremony, listening to a Veteran share their experience, changing your Facebook profile to a picture of a poppy, visiting the Veterans Affair Canada’s Facebook fan page, following Veterans Affairs Canada on Twitter, or something as simple as wearing a poppy!

Some call them soldiers, some call them heroes. Our Veterans have risked their lives for us. The least we can do is show our respect, honour and appreciation. However you choose to remember, be sure to share with everyone you know.

We must vow never to forget.

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