3 Effective Tips for Paying Off Debt

Being in debt can be overwhelming and stressful. A person in debt is worried about finding the money to repay their dues, but they’re also worried about how it will affect their family and livelihood. In Canada, millions of people are affected by debt, which is why institutions like Mortgage Forces aim to help individuals pay off their debt without sacrificing their sanity in the process. If you’re currently in debt, the following article will provide you with three effective ways to pay it off so you can get back to enjoying the finer things in life.


Consider A Consolidation Loan

Many Canadians find themselves in debt because they have several active loans to pay back. Loans are essential for most people looking to purchase a home or a car, but issues can arise when the borrower is unable to meet their minimum monthly/bi-weekly payments. For individuals that are struggling to balance their loans, they should strongly consider a consolidation loan. These loans move the costs of all active loans into a single payment plan with low-interest rates.


Credit Card Supervision

Financial problems can occur if day-to-day spending is not monitored. While certain purchases cannot be ignored, such as grocery items, heating & cooling, and necessary hygiene products, it’s critical to avoid spending too much money on non-essential items. Many unnecessary transactions involve credit cards because they’re incredibly easy to use, but it’s easy to forget how much credit you’ve used if you’re not routinely checking your bank statements.

Furthermore, if you’ve already attempted to reduce your credit card spending but find your temptations are getting the best of you, consider putting a hold on your credit card. Contact your credit card provider and request a temporary hold on your account. If you do decide to do this, ensure that any of your pre-approved payments connected to your credit account are paid for manually.


Take Out Cash at The Beginning of The Week

This point is slightly related to our previous suggestion; to prevent frivolous spending, consider taking out the correct amount of cash you’ll need for any given week and don’t return to the bank until you need more. This practice can help people make purchases based on necessity instead of boredom or spontaneity. This method will require some self-control – it’s easy to spend money on take-out or a new video game, but when you see that money leave your wallet, it’ll force you to make frugal decisions.


Debt is not a fun situation for anyone, and it can wear on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing and crush all ambition. At Mortgage Forces, we are determined to help anyone correct their financial situation so they can get back to enjoying life. For more information, contact us today!


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