4 Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly (and get more money while doing it)

So, you are looking at selling your home. Naturally, you want to get as much for the home as you can. Nobody wants to be out to the tune of several thousand dollars.

The Necessary Actions

1. De-personalize Your Home

This means that you need to be taking down all of the things that others may see as “clutter”. This includes things such as “train sets”, “hobbies” and “collections”.

There is no guarantee that the next person will be interested in your collection of Beer tankards or your thimble collection so pack them away, as they are personal to you, not to others.

2. Use Neutral Paint Colours

Ideally they need to be largely neutral. Colors like Magnolia, Cream and White are the ones to aim for. Go through the whole home to give it a quick lick of paint.

Fresh flowers on the table also help when you are selling your home!

3. Maintain The Outside Of Your Home

The home needs to look inviting – and that is the key word here. The pathway must not be cluttered or surrounded by overgrown shrubs, bushes or weeds. Neatly lined with planter tubs is a great way to make the right impression.

Paint the front door if it can be painted and hang some hanging baskets or line the door with some neat flowers on either side. Modern and clutter free is again the phrase of the day here.

4. Spend Some Time In The Bathroom…And The Kitchen

The kitchen appliances need to be solid, in excellent clean working order and efficient. Install new ones if you need to. Get them sanitized. The stove and the refrigerator are the main two options, as well as any storage units.

The same goes for the bathroom. The tub and the shower need to be crystal sparkling clean – with a clinical level of hygiene! A new tub or shower unit will pay dividends. Go for fresh white towels, white bathroom suite and white shower curtain, or a glass shower screen. Think clean clutter-free lines to make the room seem larger than it is. Large wall mirrors always help.

Words Of Advice

Good luck with your renovation project and upgrade plans to maximize your profits. It all comes down to budget. You now know where to focus your efforts.

Spend no more than 5% of the value of your home on the kitchen.

Less is best where possible. Whatever you can do on a budget will all help to the end result. Good luck selling your home!

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