Advantages of Living Off-Base During Your Posting

Living on a military base can be an excellent way for families to avoid excessive housing expenses. However, in many cases, military mortgages are more affordable than many people think. After experiencing all the disadvantages of military housing, some active service people are ready for a change.


Living on base can be a very close-knit experience. The families tucked into the various houses tend to get to know each other well simply due to lack of space. Lots are often small, and the residences usually lack spacious rooms and layouts.


The lack of space contributes to an overall lack of privacy in base living. Because service people live and work in the same environment, privacy is a foreign concept. Escaping the cares and demands of work is less likely to occur when home and work coexist in the same place.

Families that prefer to branch out and create a line between home and work might wish to explore financing with military mortgages to see if this housing option is affordable.

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