5 Bathroom Renovation Tips For Home Sellers

It stands to reason the bathroom is the room that gets most overlooked when thinking of creative ways to boost the resale value of the home. Yet for its lack of wow factor or obvious curb appeal the bathroom – like any one room in the house – has the curious ability to make or break a home sale. If you are planning to sell this summer or in the coming months or years, we have compiled a list of five bathroom renovation tips to see to it that process is expedited.


Start from the ground up. Outside of the exits in the home, it is most important that the flooring in the bathroom is in good order. Marble, stone tiles and ceramic are all water-resistant and durable choices. In terms of colours, textures and patterns, don’t be shy of getting a little creative with the flooring!


Design lighting that works for the room. A combination of pot lights and wall sconces hanging overhead of a mirror, ultimately permitting for lighting sans shadows, can literally and figuratively brighten a bathroom. There is no end to how inviting a good lighting in a bathroom can be, especially to a potential buyer!


Buy a good toilet. It sounds like something that should be on the list of every homeowner, but it can simply be an easy item to overlook. Energy-efficient low-flush models are definitely a good way to go as they use a mere 6 litres to the 13.2 used by traditional toilets. Finding and installing one of these can be a surefire bathroom renovation that can help boost the resale value of your home.


The open-concept shower that needn’t a curtain or at times even a door is a popular feature that can no doubt attract a potential buyer. Ceiling-mounted rain shower heads or a shower head mounted high up on the wall can help to keep the area immediately outside the shower dry. Also, make sure to incorporate well-designed drainage.


This is 2015! If 60 is the new 40 and 40 the new 30, the options for what constitute a bathroom should also be endless. Think televisions, exercise equipment, fireplaces, chairs and couches! While business in the bathroom is typically quite basic, ideas for what the room can look like shouldn’t be. Don’t hesitate to try something truly unique in the bathroom when preparing to resell your home!

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