Concerned About Your Credit? Try These Smart Financial Apps

Is your cash flow giving you heartache? Not everybody was cut out to be good with numbers. Maybe lotto numbers, but when it comes to things like budgeting, credit scores, and expense management, some people suddenly develop a migraine.

If you are one of those, you need not rack your brain anymore. Thanks to smartphones and growing app technology, there are many smart financial applications you can download and receive monthly updates on your credit.

Your credit score plays a significant part in obtaining a mortgage loan. Whether you use a traditional lender or Mortgage Forces, you will need to have an idea of your financial figures. Use the following free apps to stay ahead of your credit.

  1. Credit Karma Mobile

This free app is available on Android, iOS and online. It has three useful tools to help you manage your credit. You can check your credit report, credit score and receive updates on your credit performance. The app also sends information on factors that may affect your credit score, as well as suggestions to improve its ratings. Note, however, that the credit information provided is not a FICO score but based on Trans Union credit report.

2. Credit Sesame

This is another free app for checking credit score. Also available on Android, iOS and online, Credit Sesame provides an Experian credit tracking and credit score every month. It also collates a summary of your debt payments and registers all debt balances every month. Although the functions of this app are greatly limited when compared to Credit Karma, obtaining a credit score from another credit bureau is still valuable, especially when it is free. (Credit score is not a FICO score)


The mint app is a high-functional application for personal finance management. It is free and can be accessed via Android, iOS, Windows and online. Its best feature is the ability to track your expenses in real time.

Mint pulls up records of your banking and credit card transactions so that you have a quick overview of your main expenses and how to manage them. Additional functions include sending bill reminders, balance alerts, and notifications of bank fees. With Mint, you can set up financial goals and draw a budget to meet those goals.

4. Wallaby Mobile App

Do you own multiple credit cards? Then this app is worth checking out because you are likely not making the most of them. Wallaby Mobile App is available on Android, iOS, and online. The problem with reward cards is that most of the time, we forget to take advantage of the offers. With Wallaby, you can figure out which rewards are suitable for your credit card whenever you go shopping.

The free app helps you earn the most rewards and take control of your credit score. It’s simple, just tell Wallaby the credit cards you own and where you shop, it will suggest the best card to use.

With these smart money apps, you can take control of your cash flow today.

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