Condo fees – become aware of what these are!

Condos are becoming more popular as the days go by. I meet a lot of clients who generally have no idea what condo fees are, and what exactly they are for. I’ve done a little research, and spoken with a few agents who work with different builders. A great article I was pointed to was here:

And another done by Ottawa Sun

Doing your research in this highly debatable subject ” House vs Condo ” is a must for any upcoming home buyer! I believe both are great choices, and really depend on the choices you wish to make regarding your life living in a home or condo.

For example, most condo fees include removal of snow, cutting grass, garbage removal type of services. This is something some people would be happy to pay so that they don’t have to do this themselves.

Other would argue that, they would love to do this themselves and would save the money, or would be able to hire a third party to do this, for cheaper.

Both are great decisions, and necessary research should be done on everyone’s part prior to seriously looking into buying a home or condo.

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