How To Succeed In Selling A Home This Summer

How To Succeed In Selling A Home This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and already the season’s sunshine has started to show off. Everywhere, signs of the looming change reveal themselves. The sun is rising early, setting late, the birds are speaking, singing, and the vegetation of all types is to be found in hues as varied as a rainbow. Finally, with winter long gone, maybe it is time to move and sell the home you have been thinking of leaving behind for some time. Still, remember, even with the warmth of the season on your side, there are any number of variables to consider when selling a home in the summer.

First off take the effort to create summer curb appeal. The outside of your home is undoubtedly the feature that can best be outfitted in summer to really attract interest. Mow the lawn often and thoroughly, trim the bushes, plant flowers in the yard, sweep the walkway and warm the entranceway with fitting accents. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Scattering mulch, painting small or large parts of the exterior or even adding a new mailbox are a few examples that can all add summer curb appeal to your home.

Next, consider decorating with summer-influenced accents. Whites and blues are natural summer colours, as are brown and greens. Look around the yard for inspiration, or take a walk along a trail or down the beach. Soft tones and hues usually work well to invite the eye in the sun, but there is no limit to the colour combinations that can be used to sell your home this summer. The only real limitation is the extent of your creativity.

A few things to consider when hosting viewings of the home include ensuring the place is cool and comfortable when welcoming guests. In essence, make sure the air temperature is controlled. You can also even consider providing cold summer drinks and treats, perhaps even have a BBQ in the yard to cook hamburgers and hotdogs for potential buyers.

Selling your home in summer, like any other season, can be challenging. Of course, there are a number of things that can be done, especially in the upcoming season, to ensure a sale takes place in optimum time. A few more things to factor in closing include clearing the clutter from the inside and exterior of your home, tackling obvious repairs and removing polarizing and personalizing items.

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