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Bank of Canada keeps prime rate at 3%

September 6, 2012

Bank of Canada announed that they will be keeping the prime rate at 3%, unchanged for quite a while. The past tells us that Canada follows the United States’ economic policies and trends. Why is this interesting? Because when the …

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The perils of home buying without an emergency savings fund

September 4, 2012

The unforeseen is your enemy. At any time, job loss, a sudden drop in income, unexpected home expenses or a medical problem can occur out of nowhere. On a recent survey, approximately 40 percent of Canadians with a mortgage say …

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Army Run September 23rd – Come visit our booth and meet the team! Receive free gifts!

August 31, 2012

Happy long weekend everyone! Be sure to drop by the Mortgage Forces ™ booth to meet part of the team! We will be on site to provide you with answers to any mortgage questions or concerns you might have. We …

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Condo fees – become aware of what these are!

August 30, 2012

Condos are becoming more popular as the days go by. I meet a lot of clients who generally have no idea what condo fees are, and what exactly they are for. I’ve done a little research, and spoken with a …

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Come interact with us at forums!

August 29, 2012

Come join us at our own section at,132.0.html we post weekly articles and love discussing news related to the mortgage industry, and how it impacts you! This is one of the biggest and most active army community out …

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Closing costs – Homebuyer’s need to be aware!

August 29, 2012

When purchasing a new home for the first time, you may run into a little surprise, if your mortgage broker failed to advise you on closing costs! To satisfy this condition which lenders will impose on you, you will need …

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Mortgages – What not to do list!

August 23, 2012

Mortgages – What Not To Do! Everyone is an expert at telling you what-to-do when you’re purchasing a home or shopping for a mortgage. Have you ever considered what-not-to-do might be equally important? Our role is to do everything we …

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Demographics will take edge off housing downturn

August 22, 2012

A downturn in the housing market may not be as bad as feared because the important 25-34 age group will continue to buy houses — some with help from their well-off parents, says a senior economist at CIBC World Markets. …

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Home ownership in Canada reaching new heights

August 21, 2012

The Canadian real estate industry is in a tight spot these days. With home-ownership rates headed for record levels and the federal government tightening lending rules to cool the market, the question now is whether we have reached the saturation …

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The young adult’s struggle… saving up for down payment.

August 17, 2012

If you asked 100 recent home buyers if they were satisfied with the size of their down payment, as many as 60 of them would say no. That’s what TD Canada Trust found in a recent survey of first time …

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