Summer Staging Ideas For The Season

Readying to sell your home this summer? With fall starting to rear its icy, rainy head, August may well mark the last chance you have to stage your home this season and sell before September rolls around!

To help make that staging process a little easier – what with late-summer holidays, trips to the beach and ice cold lemonade sipping up most of your free time – we have taken the liberty of investigating what elements need to be considered and implemented to make sure your summer staging is a sweet success.

First and perhaps simplest on the list of things to check off when preparing to stage your home is de-cluttering both the inside and outdoors.

As people may not even make it into your home if the area is in disorder, start with the outside. The sun and warm weather of the season produce plenty of opportunities to get out and clear the yard of landscaping clutter, tools and cars, sporting equipment and toys, and old broken accessories, to name but a few of the usual clutter suspects.

Next, creating curb appeal in the context of summer staging for your home is an integral (some would argue a pre-requisite) to expediting the process of finding the right buyer for your home.

While it may seem contrary to what we wrote about clutter, adding to your walkway, landscape, garden or effectuating any other creative eye catcher by way of contemporary knick-knack can be a definite way to create curb appeal, bring in viewers and in turn attract a buyer.

While it seems we deal with paint every week, why shouldn’t we! Paint is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add to the general appeal of your place. Of course, when dealing with paint for a staging, there is likely no use in a full-scale production, so to speak.

No, small paint jobs – doors, window frames, decks, mailboxes – can produce big results at a staging, especially when considering the faded alternative.

Lastly, if we are going to talk summer staging, we need to talk food and drink. More particularly, we need to talk what to do and not to do in this area. The best rule here is use discretion and common sense.

Don’t serve spirits or seafood, peanuts or paninis. Keep it simple. Consider ubiquitous allergies. Try not to serve anything too hot or, for that matter, too cold. As with every aspect of staging, remember to make your visitors feel at home. They may well be!

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