The Power Of Positive Thinking In Achieving Your Home Goals

The Power Of Positive Thinking In Achieving Your Home Goals

More than 60 years have passed since the publication of author Norman Vincent Peale’s monumental international bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking. To date there are more than 5 million copies in circulation of what has been deemed the greatest self-help book ever written. Peale’s opus was celebrated then as now as a remarkable investigation of the power the human will to persist through adversity en route to achieving your goals.

Of course more than simply a manuscript Dr. Peale’s work was significant, timely and timeless, because of its message of faith and inspiration. Mostly it was canonized for its central theme of happiness through, and by, the power of positive thinking. His work – more an apt articulation of basic human motivation than a novel psycho-social theory – remains today as relevant as when it was published over six decades ago.

What, you may be asking, does all this positive thinking business have to do with my home?!?! And that would be a valid question. One, we believe, that will be quelled when considering all of the anxieties, fears, hang-ups, questions and – yes, sometimes even – tears, that can prop up (or fall down in the case of the tears) over the course of a home purchase, are all easy to solve. Yes, we said it! Pressure and time have a weird way of making us panic, especially when the stakes are high as in a home purchase, so remember to be your own biggest critic, sure, but also your best friend.

For instance, rather than be upset that you dipped into the home savings account to catch an impromptu hockey game (in no way are we advocating this act!) with the guys, think outside the box when you wake from the revelry. In other words, perhaps there are ways to make the money back that you spent rather than dwell on the fact that the money is no longer where it once was, and you that have some explaining to do.

Whether the stressor be a down payment, getting pre-approved for your mortgage, finding the right home, selling your current home or any of the other things that can unfortunately impact the sanctity of a home purchase or sale, there needs to be positive thinking involved. In the view of Dr. Peale, it was only through faith and inspiration through positive thinking that we could achieve our goals as humans. The same thing, it seems, can be said for homeowners.

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