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3 things you can do to save money on your mortgage

October 23, 2018

Getting a mortgage has a big impact on your monthly income and budget. Many homeowners can imagine what they can achieve with the money if they do not have a mortgage to pay. There are several things you can do …

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How to get home loan assistance as a military veteran

September 22, 2018

Are you serving or did you serve in the Canadian Armed Forces? Do you need loan assistance for your home? Veteran home loans are for men and women who are serving, or have served in the Canadian military. This scheme …

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Top 4 Things That You Can Do With a VA Home Loan (Aside from Buying a Home)

August 22, 2018

Everyone knows that VA home loans are great. They are arguably the best mortgage rates available on the market and they are backed by the Department of Veteran affairs. They don’t require a down-payment and also have quite lenient qualification …

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Military Relocation

What You Need to Know About Porting Mortgage

July 25, 2018

A relocation mortgage or a porting mortgage means moving your mortgage from one property to another due to relocation, this further means taking your current mortgage with all the terms and rates involved and moving it to another property. So …

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Relocation Mortgages in Canada: what you need to know

June 25, 2018

Relocating to a new area, especially on a short notice is usually not an easy process. The move could be as a result of a promotion, or simply a new job offer, or maybe just a routine employee transfer often …

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Common Causes of Financial Challenges That Military Families Face

May 25, 2018

Survey shows that sixty percent of military families face a lot of stress as a result of their current finances. Military pay are often on the low side, especially for junior soldiers and federal sequestration and budget cuts are not …

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How to Know If You Qualify for Home Mortgage Loan with Steps to Get Approval

April 26, 2018

As many loan seekers know, when it comes to getting a mortgage the devil is in the details. Poor education about mortgage options can prove to be futile when applying for a loan. Oftentimes, borrowers are misled with news of …

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How to Get a VA Loan Home Approval

March 20, 2018

VA loans are mortgages and mortgage refinances designed particularly specifically for military service members, veterans, and their spouses supported by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. They are normal home loans issued by regular lenders and banks, but with benefits …

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Concerned About Your Credit? Try These Smart Financial Apps

March 6, 2018

Is your cash flow giving you heartache? Not everybody was cut out to be good with numbers. Maybe lotto numbers, but when it comes to things like budgeting, credit scores, and expense management, some people suddenly develop a migraine. If …

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A Quick Guide to Getting That Mortgage for Your Dream Home

February 2, 2018

Buying a home is one of the most important investments we will make in our lifetime. It is also a major decision; one that can influence other aspects of our life. For instance, a new home can determine a change …

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